World Space Week

World Space Week

Queen Mary 2 invites you to set sail once again to celebrate World Space Week on a special space-themed Transatlantic Crossing this September. The journey will feature a variety of space-themed experiences, including talks from distinguished space explorers and astronomers.

The ship’s on board planetarium offers specially-curated shows, explaining what can be seen in the night sky and putting distant stars and galaxies into focus. 

Acclaimed experts from many fields  – including astronauts, scientists and Royal Astronomical Society members – will join us to present and discuss all aspects of space and its exploration.

In addition to new space shows in Illuminations, the largest planetarium at sea, anyone who has enjoyed a clear night mid-Atlantic will attest to Queen Mary 2 being the perfect venue to stargaze – away from light and air pollution.

Queen Mary 2 Illuminations Planetarium

Special guests on board:

Dr. Dan Wilkins

Dr. Dan Wilkins.

Dr. Dan Wilkins is an astronomer and Fellow of the Royal Astronomical Society. After receiving his doctorate from the University of Cambridge and a short research fellowship in Halifax, Nova Scotia, he is currently based at Stanford University in California where he holds NASA’s prestigious Einstein Fellowship.
Prof. Ulrich Walter

Prof. Ulrich Walter.

Prof. Walter lectures in, researches and develops satellite systems, in particular for robotic applications, systems engineering (system modelling and optimization), human space flight systems (life support systems and ISRU) and high-velocity impact physics (investigation of micrometeorite impacts).
Amy and Sue Bean

Amy and Sue Bean.

Sue Bean, Apollo wife, and Amy Bean, daughter of Aviator, Astronaut, and Artist Alan Bean write and speak in the tradition of the book “Astronaut Wives” and the recent movie “First Man”. Sue and Amy relate the joy, the love, the fear, the sacrifice, the family experience in America’s Race to the Moon. Recently they appeared at SpaceFest 2018, SpaceCenter Houston, and the Apollo 11 50th Anniversary celebration at Kennedy Space Center.

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