What’s the Cheapest Cruise Line? Top Recommendations for Lower Cost Cruising

What’s the Cheapest Cruise Line

A great get-away on a cruise ship is very often better value than a land-based holiday if you choose wisely. When people ask, “What’s the cheapest cruise line?” they of course don’t want to just save money, but also get really great value for their money.

Here are some of our top recommendations for cruise lines we believe offer great value at a great price.

Cheapest Cruise Lines

MSC Cruises caters mainly to European cruisers, and their reasonable rates are much less than a typical European land trip.

Royal Caribbean International, as a very large line, can accommodate thousands of people per ship, which means rates can be kept low.

Celebrity Cruises, with their fleet of 10 huge ships can offer quite good rates, while providing experiences for whole families.

Norwegian Cruise Line offer affordable itineraries. They no longer have strict cruise rules such as dress codes or assigned dining times, so you can enjoy a relaxed experience at a lower price.

Carnival Cruise Line specialises in budget-friendly fun, offering frequent sales and early booking deals on already low prices. The fare’s aren’t all-inclusive though, so you’ll need to pay for certain things such as alcohol.

Princess Cruises are owned by Carnival, and come at a similar or lower price than Carnival. Carnival caters more to families, but Princess Cruises target adult travelers more.

Costa Cruises are also owned by Carnival, and based mainly in Europe. They suit both adults and families, and offer lower rates than their competitors.

You can also cruise at half price…

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If you search online you can find some reasonably priced cruises and deals, if you fish around or try some of the suggested cruise lines mentioned above.

However, becoming a member of a Travel Community like inCruises will save you both a lot of trouble and a lot of money… And in the long run, help you to cruise more often.