The European River Cruising Experience

In Europe, we’re fortunate to be right on the doorstep of some of the world’s most beautiful rivers and Brexit hasn’t made a difference to that!

So this month I want to explore the fantastic option of going on a river cruise.

Over 230,000 British and Irish passengers took a river cruise in 2018 – an increase of 10 per cent on the previous year. They’re still crunching the numbers in 2019 but they’re reporting increases again.

River Cruising is a great alternative to an ocean cruise, as well as a coach or self-drive holiday. Because they balance town and ship history and culture are always present on your cruise.

Introducing our partner, Amadeus River Cruises

Amadeus are my choice for all things European and River. Founded by Wolfgang over 40 years ago, this family business gives an authentic experience. They’re very familiar with the destinations and have strong ties to the local communities.

Here we showcase three of their best River Cruises.

The Classical Danube Cruise

It’s one of the most popular for first time river cruisers. A quintessential tour around one of the most cultured parts of the continent.

You’ll take in Budapest, Bratislava and Vienna. You’ll see ancient monasteries, castles and palaces. You’ll sample some of the best food, wine and music in the former Austro Hungarian Empire.

Everything you need onboard is included so relax into the quiet and contemplative atmosphere of the ship. Either in your outward facing room or in the comfort of the intimate shared areas

Tulip Serenade

Everyone loves tulips; so elegant and colourful. And we all know where tulips come from! This beguiling river cruise allows us to explore the many channels that make up and connect Holland. You’ll also explore the other big, low country, Belgium.

No wonder the cities of the low countries have a reputation that rivals Venice’s. You’ll see them all here: Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Ghent, Antwerp and Brussels.

And of course the Tulips… so to the Keukenhof Flower Gardens. This beautiful park features more tulips in flower than anywhere else in the world. Over 7 million bulbs are planted here annually!

Christmas Cruise on the Rhine

And finally celebrate Christmas on board a festively decorated Amadeus cruise ship gliding down the Rhine.

The Rhine’s distinctive culture has shaped European civilisation. It’s the artery linking some of the most prosperous towns of France and Germany. The cities resonate with charm: Mainz, Cologne and Strasbourg. Whilst the smaller towns provide a tranquil, old-time feel giving us an insight into a glorious past.

And of course, you get your fill of all things Christmas. Wintery views, Christmas Markets, Cathedral visits and a Mass if you choose. Finish with a festive Gala Dinner on board.

Right now we’ve got some amazing promotions with Amadeus so get in touch for more details!