Money Abroad

Banks and credit card companies charge a small fortune when you spend or transfer money abroad – but, as regular travellers we know how to get great exchange rates each and every day wherever we are, join millions of active Revolut users who are able to do the same. Revolut enables, you via the online portal and App, to:

  • Spend money abroad with minimal fees, in any currency, all within one App/Card.
  • Make transfers to bank accounts in over 120 countries for free at wholesale exchange rates.
  • Save spare change/round up each transaction spend using its ‘Vaults’ feature to build savings pots for future spend/special treats.
  • Track spending via notifications and online/in-App analytics.
  • Purchase overseas medical insurance and insurance for phones/devices.
  • Buy and exchange currencies, including crypto-currencies on advanced account types.

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Offset Your Carbon Footprint, Defend Our Coasts and Ocean!

The Ocean Foundation

Please consider donating to SeaGrass Grow.

The Ocean Foundation's Coastal Education Fund ensures that local residents have the information they need to protect their local wetlands for generations to come.
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