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Nomad Cruise

Times change, as we all know. This applies just as much to the cruising world. We see a big change in the types of people that have been coming on cruises. So we’re looking at the next generation of cruiser. We’re looking at a Nomad Cruise.

When Nomad Cruise was founded 5 years ago they were looking at offering something different. They weren’t so much aiming to get a cruise line going as to start a lifelong community. So a Nomad Cruise is a ‘tribe within a cruise’. They’re a special bunch of people who have signed up to create their own fellowship on board. They do it by coming together in a series of activities and sharing their skills. Their aim is to get to know each other well and use those activities to bring them close together. The rest of the cruise goes on around them but they make up about a quarter of the passengers on board.

I spent 2 weeks on a Pullmantur with the ‘nomads’ and it was great! The crowd is generally a bit younger and a bit more footloose. Some of them are using it as a cheaper way of moving between continents. Some of them are using it to focus on their novel or on their next pitch to investors as they travel. Some are there for a new experience and to connect deeper with like-minded people. The nomads share a mindset of curious exploration and are serious about their own development. It’s about learning, networking AND having fun.

The Nomad community started forming way before the cruise at a special pre-cruise event. This means the ‘tribe’ is pretty much formed as we stepped on board.

Pre Cruise Networking

Nomad Cruise takes care to find a great space for nomads to hang out before the journey. We got to know each other with some ‘icebreakers’ over great wine and food so networking had already begun before we stepped on board.

Meetups and Workshops

There was a total of 190 amazing, self-organised meetups on everything from business skills to yoga. That meant most days had a series of inspiring events. And, more formally, we also had 40 workshops put on by Nomad when we were there. This was a big reason for a lot of the nomads to take the cruise. All really high quality, we sat through top advice from leaders and innovators in their field.

Dinner and Drinks

You’ll enjoy amazing all inclusive meals and drinks. What was great was the way people combined all the getting to know you with a relaxed atmosphere.

Talent Show

You quickly realise you’re with a whole load of interesting and curious people. They’ve got a lot of talents and want to show them off! The talent show was one way to do so.


The cruise stops on routes that takes in Europe, Africa and South America and the Caribbean. As such you just can’t beat some of the excursions on offer. There’s always a free option for those that decide not to pay.

Post Cruise Support and Alumni network

All nomads were on the same page at the end of the trip and strong bonds were made. That’s why they offer ongoing support to the community right from the end of the cruise.

Nomad Cruise seek to continue to connect Nomads after the cruise. So there’s post cruise events and special areas reserved for you when you disembark. Also they offer all nomads access to their exclusive repeaters cruises; this year going to the Gulf from the Med. The alumni can get early access to this as well as get on other cruises throughout the year.

Like I say the cruising world is changing. The next Nomad Cruise happens in April 2020 sailing from the Caribbean through Azores to Lisbon, Portugal. So if you’d love to be part of this cruise, please contact us for more information!

Phone: 01214 050 001

The Nomads keep in touch with each other on these cruises regularly. There are also special repeaters cruises just for those who’ve been on before. As an alumnus you can join any cruise to reconnect with former friends, allies and other bits of your network.