How to enjoy a worry-free time on your cruise

Cruise Essentials

Be prepared is a great motto. We all know it. The Scouts use it. Mr Baden-Powell, their founder, devised it. But what does it mean to be prepared for your cruise?

You’re on the cruise of a lifetime. The sun is out. You’re looking at a stunning landscape but… Can you imagine also being a little seasick, unable to shave and having lost some of your clothes? No matter how fabulous the cruise, this would put a dampener on it.

Let me explain what I mean. There are some things that we could have bought in advance to make it all go better.  In the above case, some seabands, a universal adapter and a luggage tag would have been wise.

That’s why I’ve got a section devoted to travel essentials on the site, all with links to affordable products.

Then there are some must-haves before you cruise. We’re all aware of our health, and we need to stay safe even on a cruise. That’s why insurance is a must. This means you can travel worry-free and enjoy the style and comfort of your cruise.

Any policy must have specific cruise cover. Often the travel insurance we have doesn’t.
I’m going to point you to some that does and doesn’t cost the earth. I trust this supplier and you’ll see why.

Luckily there’s no need for firewood and a Swiss army knife, but we do need to think ahead before cruising. With a couple of purchases you’re well on your way.

So visit the site and go via the Cruise Essentials menu. Then go to accessories or insurance. Whatever you need, Cruise with Barry has got you covered.