Friends and Family

Your invitation to benefit from extra discounts

Friends and Family

What’s the use of having an extraordinary travel business if you can’t use it to benefit your circle of friends and family?

Since embarking on my life as a cruise ambassador, I’ve developed an array of connections within the cruise industry. There are bonuses to this; a major one being access to incredible prices and commission.

How it works

Cruise lines, airlines and hotels pay commission to Cruise with Barry on all bookings. This ranges from 5% to 8% for classic cruises and up to 15% for high-end luxury voyages.

Friends and family members are invited to share the commission, deducted from the cruise price. It’s my way of making this business benefit you.

The prices offered with Cruise with Barry are already some of the best on the market and we’re happy to share 50% of the commission with you by reducing the price of your cruise.

In other words, if we get 5% sales commission, Cruise with Barry will further reduce your cruise or travel price by 2.5%. Our portion covers staff and overheads, so essentially this means you have a cruise at cost price.

RSVP and confirm your place on the guest list by completing the form below.

*Confirming your details enables our team to be certain that only Friends and Family are able to access this offer, so please do fill in the form, otherwise we won’t be able to apply the discount.

How to book and benefit from this discount


Call the Cruise with Barry Team on 0121 405 1260 and mention that you are on the guest list as Friend and Family contact of Barry. The team will process your booking as normal and then apply the additional discount against the authorised Friends and Family list.

*Please note this discount does not apply to flights or train travel when booked alone, as we do not get a commission on these unless they are part of a hotel and flights package.

**Although we primarily focus on Cruises, we’d be delighted to help with your other holiday enquiries and requests too!

Don’t forget to RSVP to this invitation by filling out the form below to make sure you’re on the guest list.

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