Events at Sea!

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We aren’t all about standard cruises (although we can arrange those, and any other flights, hotels and holidays your heart desires). We’re all about AMAZING EVENTS AT SEA and GROUP CRUISES

Themed Cruises

Run by the cruise lines themselves, such as Strictly Come Dancing, 80’s Music, Wine or even London Fashion Week.

Special Interest Cruises

Similar to themed cruises, albeit with more specialist appeal and are normally run by external organisations who charter the whole, or part of a ship. Events cover many interests and hobbies from Magic, through to Film (Star Wars), Line Dancing, Cribbage and Sports based, such as Cricket, with famous speakers and ‘meet and greet’ sessions.

Business Focussed Cruises

With the valuable business opportunities included in, for example, our Entrepreneurs Cruise, Nomads Cruise (for digital nomads) or the annual Marketers Cruise.

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